Trish Summerville for H&M

Trish Sumerville for H&M

Maybe that the name Trish Summerville doesn’t ring a bell, but the name of writer Stieg Larsson probably will. Trish is the costume designer of the film ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, based on the first book of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium-trilogy.

Lisbeth Salander, main character in the book, served as a muse for a 30-piece collection. It’s edgy and urban, consisting of leather jackets and trousers, hoodies and ripped jeans, in black, grey, washed whites or dark reds. The collection will make its official debut at Colette in Paris on November 28, and will be available in Divided departments in approximately 180 H&M shops worldwide and online,  starting December 14th.

The movie- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo– directed by David Fincher, will be released this Christmas. Fincher called on noted costume designer Trish Summerville to encapsulate Salander’s look, a re-imagined take on urban, grit and street fashion that Trish has made her own, thanks to her work on numerous movies as well as styling for musicians and actors. Trish now brings the inspiration for this look to H&M, with the style which will define the streets this winter.

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