Let’s get frozzed!

We love Frozz

Mix yoghurt with ice cream and you get Frozz, a delicious concept daily made with freshly real Dutch yoghurt directly from the biological farm in the South of The Netherlands. We’ve found our newest addiction and got frozzed last week during the Frozz tasting session.

It’s really simple: pick a size of frozen yoghurt (small, regular or large) and top it off with fresh fruit, chocolate, coconut, strawberries, blueberries….Even Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ (cookies with caramel). Too many choices.

We got invited to taste many flavours for next seasons: caramel sauce, figs, crunchy nuts, chestnut, pineapple, brownie, almonds, cranberries and many other ingredients. To hard to pick a favorite flavor.

Delicious tasting session can begin. But where to start?!?
Nice combi: Frozz with figs
Digi K got frozzed!
Lovely T. from pr agency Spice PR
Digi E. and L. from Commedesleroi.com
Sugar rush

Let's get frozzed!
Lovely A. from NSMBL.nl

Fashion journalist T.

Frozz number three...
Come in and get a Frozz!

Find more Frozz in here www.frozz.com.

© Elisah Jacobs

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