How to wear these O’moda boots

There was this sheet with a selection of O’moda shoes I had to choose from. Which pair would inspire me the most? When my eye fell on the boots above, thoughts of Isabel Marant, western, navajo etc. came up. Time for some shopping, starring these O’moda western ankle boots.

Check the shopping after the jump >>>>

In the middle: western style ankle boots, O’moda € 129,95
Up left: golden skirt with a sporty touch Maison Scotch € 79,95
Up right: checked blouse from Zara € 39,95
Left: Isabel Marant feather necklace, Net-a-Porter € 150
Down middle: blue western leather tassel, Asos € 44,87
Down right: knitted navaho coatigan Topshop £ 65

You can find a lot of different footwear at O’moda. From their own brand to well known brands, from Hunter rubber boots to Converse sneakers.

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