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Digitalistic tunes: El Rod – Art Nouveau: Deluxe

© El Rod

We introduced El Rod a little while ago. So we’ll skip the introduction this time, because you can read it here. But we do want to keep you updated about what this ‘out-of-the-box’ artist has been up to. He has released an EP this summer, named Art Nouveau, in conjunction with jeanslabel Wrangler. Now a Deluxe version of the EP has been presented, from which the single ‘She likes it’ has an actual video. The first one in a set of visuals that will be released.

Watch it after the jump! >>>

Another thing we like is the ‘short vid’ directed by London-born photographer and videographer Dennis Swiatkowski (known from his niche-blog ‘Get your plane right on time‘) The concept of a ‘short vid’ is in sync with the fast pace of online media. El Rod explains: “Regardless of its length, It’s not a promo video or a trailer. It’s just us catering to the ‘fast food-ish’ needs of today’s Internet user. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are essentially the new age MTV. We just try to hold people’s attention to the point we’ll eventually stand out and encourage viewers to take a second look”.

Let us give you three more reasons why El Rod’s artistic brainwaves should also catch your attention:

1. Expect the unexpected
2. The cover of Art Nouveau was designed by Karen van de Kraats, the partner of Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters, and each track on the EP has its own individual cover art.
3. He is one of the rare artists that lets his work speak for itself

You LIKE it too now, don’t ya??? ;-) Then here’s a link where you can download the EP:

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  1. Laura oktober 24, 2011

    Thanks for the music suggestions dears! Thank god somebody still listens to good music nowadays.

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