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Cointreauversial Dita von Teese

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Cointreauversial. An interesting wordplay that captures the essence of following your own path in life. It’s exactly how model and spokesperson for Cointreau, Dita von Teese, explains the underlying meaning of the tagline ‘Be Cointreauversial’: “Live your life the way you want to, make choices that bring you satisfaction without being led by the expectation of others.” In other words: be true to yourself.

With that in mind, Dita might have started out as a Burlesque dancer, but she has much more on her sleeve. Releasing a fragrance (with mysterious, sensual, smokey tones instead of violets, a flower she’s obsessed with), developing a book on beauty: “It’s much more difficult than I thought, because I want to make a completely different book that the existing beautybooks, mostly based on the classic beauty-rules or trends. I want to show the extremes and go against the prevailing rules of beauty”, and she’s working on two lingerie collections.

Aside from these projects, this busy bee just made a stop in Holland to promote the Cointreau Travel Essentials. A luxurious beautycase-like box in which a bottle of Cointreau and two Cosmopolitan-glasses can be transported. Afterwards, the box can be recycled into a travelcase for make-up and jewellery. As you can see, it is multifunctional. Just like Dita von Teese multitasks her way through life.

While Dita was in Amsterdam, she also took the time for a little entre-nous at the beautiful Amstel hotel, where we had the occasion to ask her some questions, and enjoy a selfmade Cointreaupolitan.

Here are 5 things we learned about this classic beauty:

1) she has a bike, but ‘therapeutically’ drives vintage cars
2) she’s obsessed with perfumes, flowers (violets to be specific) and macaroons
3) she loves making cocktails at home, especially Margaritas
4) she has two favourite dresses; one from Jean Paul Gaultier and a vintage dress from the 50’s
5) she divides her life on two continents, in two cities who are the total opposite of each other; Los Angeles and Paris. Dita: ” I love Paris for the architecture, museums and cocktails (with a preference for the Hemingway bar at the Ritz), but I love Los Angeles for the food (sounds surprising but it’s healthier, in Paris they put butter on everything), and I am able to drive in my vintage cars there. It’s a perfect balance for me.”

That evening Dita’s visit was honored with a Cointreau cocktailparty where she appeared in a…oh surprise!…violet dress.

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