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Win: Down jacket by Peak Performance

Win, win, win!

Getting used to the cold Summer in Holland or anywhere in this world? Well, we do! So we’re NOT putting on our Summer dresses, shorts and espadrilles. No, we just have to deal with warm winter coats, boots and shawls (maybe we’ll wear gloves next month). It’s almost Autumn (we know, it’s depressing!) so we’ve arranged a mail & win contest to win a gorgeous warm coat of Peak Performance: the Down jacket.

A few reasons to wear this jacket:

1. It’s made from duck and goose feathers which will keep you warm in the winter and cold in the Summer
2. Wind and waterproof for a perfect holiday at sea or in the mountains
3. It’s durable and lightweight
4. It’s very packable so you’ll save valuable space (= more to shop, girls)
5. Available in many colors. Even in PINK!

Want to win this jacket? The only thing you have to do is guessing how many winter coats the cabin contains (see the picture below). Is it 100, 10, 54, 48…. 200?!? Email your answer to Find at next week if you’re the lucky one.

How many coats are in here?

Good luck!

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