Antidote magazine’s tribute to shoes…

© Giampaolo Sgura for Antidote magazine. Constance Jablonski wearing Christian Dior heels.

Women have a complex relationship with shoes. We love to hate them. We love them because all women fit in designer shoes, in contrary to designer clothing (remember Toni Colette’s line in the movie ‘In her Shoes’?), but we often suffer while wearing them, which also makes us hate them. Oh well, ‘Il faut soufrir pour être belle’ like the French would say. We bet you’ll forgive the designer beauties once you put them on your feet. Don’t forget that these divine objects give you height and elegance.

Superb magazine Antidote‘s second theme issue is a wonderful tribute to shoes. More about this soon….Watch the teaser-video after the jump. Fashion Photographer and special contributor to this issue, Giampaolo Sgura’s view on shoes…>>>

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