Ever heard of the twenty something blues a.k.a quarter-life crisis?!?

Check out Digi M's article in the latest Cosmo

Does it always feels like 24 hours in a day isn’t enough? Do you have the idea your job isn’t satisfying anymore?  Do you want to find your Mr. Big, getting married, buy a grown up  people house, having kids and a successful career, traveling around the world, make a bestseller…. and all of that BEFORE you turn 30? Well, we think you have the twenty something blues. No worries! See it as a gift. Live in the ‘here and now’. That why it’s called ‘the present’.

The Dutch Cosmopolitan published an article written by Digi M (proud!!) about the quarter life crisis: a ‘depression’ well known by young people who were born after 1980 a.k.a. ‘Generation Y’. You graduate at 22, have a career in the big city, surrounded by luxury, other young successful people, and the fact that you have so many choices. You grow up faster than young people did in the 20th century. And that results in cold fever. In your head.

Curious? The September issue of Cosmo is in stores now. Have fun reading!


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