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Supporting our local designers: Ilja Visser

Ilja Couture - PLUCHE

Ilja Visser presented her latest collections of Ilja Couture and Ready to Fish_ during an intimate lunch at her showroom in Amsterdam. In her two collections it was all about the mix of feminine and masculine. While Desolation was inspired by the movie Paris, Texas, PLUCHE made a wink to the serious world full of politics.

PLUCHE was all about feminine silhouettes mixed with ‘business man looks’ such as big shoulders, classic cuffs and loafers with heels to add a touch of femininity. You could find romantic colors and prints during the Ready to Fish_ show as Desolation was inspired by the eighties movie Paris, Texas. Ilja and her team combined masculine materials (Texas) with feminine silhouettes (Paris): from solid skirts and raw denim to a-symmetric tops.

Ready to Fish_ - Desolation

You can find Ilja’s store at the Prinsengracht 581-583. Don’t live in Amsterdam? Ready to Fish_ is also available in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Japan. The rest of Europe will follow soon. Hooray!

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