Our love for chocolate, and more…


Because we desperately need that pair of Louboutins, those amazing Balmain leather pants, a 4 week trip to the Maldives, marrying John Mayer, being BFF’s with The Olsen Twins AND Victoria Beckham (ok, and maybe Suri Cruise because of her amazing million dollar wardrobe), being just as tall – and beautiful – as Kristen McMenamy, have our wedding pics (with John Mayer) shot by Mario Testino, being sponsored by Karl (and Marc!), drive in our own custom made pink Fiat 500 and have a pug named Digito. Yes, we DO need the chocolate!

The same reality problem? Let Tony Chocolonely know and maybe you’ll win a free chocolate bar. You just need to feel really really really sad (like us!) and maybe the mailman brings you free chocolate…

Keeping our fingers crossed.


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