Digitalistic stunt: Zeeman at AIFW

Dutch designer Bas Kosters is also collaborating with Zeeman

We believe that style has nothing to do with brands. And Zeeman thinks the same. Holland’s most cheapest store ever stunted during the Dutch Fashion Week by making people believe that some designer called ‘Frank’ debuted his ‘amazing collection for women’. The Dutch fashion in crowd was curious: who is that guy?!? And does he really make gorgeous clothes. Well, it was not a designer at all. It was Zeeman itself! Featuring on the catwalk: underwear (€ 4,99), blouses (€ 12,99), a bolero (€ 12,99), bra’s (€ 6,99) and tops (€ 6,99).

Ok, let’s face it: great stunt. Really curious what all the fashion journalists were writing (“So Chanel!’ ‘Great collection’ ‘Stella McCartney, eat your heart out’). We think 2011 will be a great year for Zeeman: Dutch designer Bas Kosters launches this year the Bas Kosters for Zeeman collection. How digitalistic!

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