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A little chat with Surface To Air’s Aldric Speer

Leigh Lezark for Surface To Air

Paris based creative company Surfaco To Air (STA) combines contemporary art, fashion, music, photography, design and graphics. The brand collaborated with creative talents such as DJ and model Leigh Lezark, photographer Solve Sundsbo, electro band Justice and British style icon Daisy Lowe (check out the video in here). How a gallery near the Louvre became a worldwide successful brand. The Digitalistas had the honour to catch up with head designer Aldric Speer.

It all began in the late 90’s when Surface To Air was a mix of a shop and a gallery established by a group of friends looking for creative freedom. Their dream was only to work on projects they liked. With the idea of ‘not only fashion is cool, but art also is’ they organized exhibitions every month. With success: their expo opening party’s became well known in the art scene and attracted people like Paul Sevigny, Kenneth Cappello, Gonzalez and FEIST, and even magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Vogue and ID. A successful concept was born.

Surface To Air offers contemporary edge and luxurious quality at a friendly price. Their showpieces are the collaborations with creative talents. Kings of Leon designed a 12 pieces collection, and Asics designed a pair of running shoes, T-shirt and backpack. Their last collab – amazing plaform heels! – was with dj and model Leigh Lezark.

Surface To Air x Asics

Welcome to our hometown Amsterdam. Love it?
“I do. I come over to Amsterdam at least twice a year. I really like it, especially the toothbrush store in the Nine Streets!”

Surface To Air collaborated with many artists across the world. That’s really amazing. How do you approach these artists?
“Well, actually we don’t have a list of celebrities we’d love to work with. They have to come to us, and they do. We had an amazing collaboration with French electro duo Justice: we’ve designed two leather jackets and a pair of jeans together. We love to work with people with an interesting edge, we do that from day one, it’s part of our project. If you have someone you respect, and that person comes to you, and you find him really inspiring, you just do it. It’s great, like a dream collaboration.”

What are the key items for next season?
“With key items I’d say my personal favorites. The rain parka for instance is my favorite. Quite chic and simple. I also like the suits mixed with T-shirts for a more casual chic look.”

What do you think of Dutch magazines?
“Very  strong. If you place the Amsterdam International Fashion Week next to Dutch fashion magazines you’ll see that those magazines are much stronger than what you see on the catwalk.”

Any exciting plans for 2011?
“Opening a shop in New York. And many others….

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