Fate called Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs' Walk of Fame

You all know that Digitalista E is just back from New York city. And she was surrounded by her favourite designer Marc Jacobs every single day. Everywhere she went there was Marc! Even at Times Square where she found this fashion’s Walk of Fame at Fashion Avenue.

Marc was there too at Bleecker Street. You know: that cute street with The Magnolia Bakery and where Sarah Jessica Parker lives just around the corner. At Bleecker Street – Digi E calls it the Notting Hill of New York – you even find four (!!) Marc Jacobs stores. And a few streets later you find another two, even Little Marc Jacobs for all the little ones among us.

Jacobs was even there at that gorgeous vintage store where Digitalista E. bought that amazing Chanel suit. The first thing she picked out of the rack – without even knowing it – was a Marc Jacobs tee, the second one was Marc too, the third, the fourth, even the sixth and the seventh….

© Elisah Jacobs

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