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Digitalista E's survives her own credit crunch
Digitalista E's survives her own credit crunch

One woman’s bad bargain is another woman’s best buy. That’s what website I Love Fashion Vintage thought when they came up with their online market place. And since today Digitalista E’s outfits are amongst those vintage treasures!

I Love Fashion Vintage is an online platform for vintage fashionistas. You can find anything: from Chanel bags en Jimmy Choo shoes to H&M dresses and River Island blouses. From now on you can shop Digitalista E’s Mango dresses, Primark shoes, Zara trenchcoats and even a funny Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (no, don’t you even think I’d sell my Marc Jacobs patent heels!). And there’s more to come…

Check out her VIP shop in here. Curious about her Carrie Closet? Check out the report in here. Want to sell your outfits too? You can register in here. Good luck!

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