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Dear Marc, will you send us a X-mas card?!?

Will we receive this card in our mailbox soon?!?
Will we receive this card in our mailbox soon?!?

The answer is…. YES! With these customized Christmas cards made by Marc Jacobs himself. That man won’t stop surprising us.

You already know that Marc opened his very own bookstore earlier this year, called Book Marc at Bleecker Street, New York. And now we can also buy a real Marc Jacobs X-mas card to send to all our beloved ones. How fashionable can it be?

The card isn’t for sale yet, but it will be very soon. Ted Harriton (from Terrapin Prints) tweeted this last week: ‘Embossed, hot off the press.’

We can’t wait to order one! We’d love to receive a X-mas card like that.

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