Specsavers introduced a very cool eyewear collection from Dutch fashionlabel Spijkers&Spijkers

Riet & Truus Spijkers with their glasses on
Twin sisters Spijkers&Spijkers made a very cool eyewear collection for Specsavers, a populair Dutch eyewear store.  The label Spijkers&Spijkers is well known all around Europe and we can definitely say that they are one of the best Dutch fashionlabels we have.

For Specsavers they designed a collection called ‘Men often make passes at girls that wear glasses’ ( a quote by Spijkers’ muze  Dorothy Parker) and the 24 normal glasses en 10 sunglasses looks so cool, we can definitely understand why men flirt with us.  The collection signature is artdeco style with a ‘touch of the roaring twenties.’

Available from now on for € 169.

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