Spice Girls the Musical!

Start looking for your old mini skirts, short tops and platform shoes immediately! I just spotted the latest news on Nylonmag.com, that the Spice Girls are getting their own musical!

Producer and money-maker Simon Fuller and the creators of Mamma Mia! is one of the forces behind the project, which has been in discussion for several months. But just last week writer Jennifer Saunders (known in the U.S. for writing the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous and a few Friends episodes) signed on to pen the script around the group’s most famous songs.

I´m so happy with the news! Like my mom and her friends went crazy on Mama Mia, I´ll definitely pull my hair in 2 girly ponytails and sing and dance like an idiot on all that good old songs like Wannabe and Viva Forever. Spice up your life! Spice up your wardrobe!

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