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Emilie Simon: the French Kate Bush

A few years ago I bought a CD (yes, I still buy CD’s from time to time) from Emilie Simon. Her first album. The one where she has ladybugs all over her. It was after I heard a great remix of one of her songs, Desert. Unfortunately the remix was not on the CD, but her fragile voice captured me. I thought by myself: “we’re not done hearing from this girl”.

The singer/composer, originally from Montpelier, studied Lyrics at the conservatory before studying ancient music at the Sorbonne and electronical music at the IRCAM.
She composed music for the movie ‘March of the Penguins’, and won several music prizes in France.

And now she released a new album, from which the single ‘Rainbow’ is beautiful. Close your eyes and it seems like you’re listening to Kate Bush.

I think that 7 years later, I just might buy another CD from Emilie.


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