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Dutch designer Antoine Peters: ‘The world is flat’-song

The first song by designer Antoine

This Amsterdam Fashion Week, designer Antoine Peters presented his new collection titled ‘THE WORLD IS FLAT’ in an unusual way, by launching a pop-song and pop-video on Diane Pernet’s legendary ‘A Shaded View On Fashion’ blog. The summer collection is inspired by the pop-culture, designer clothes wearing pop-artists and a individual progressive view on fashion presentations. But most of all it’s a playful and elegant collection, with Peters’ characteristic self-proclaimed ‘one size fits all elegance’. The collection consists out of ‘shuffled’ pieces of clothing and a sky-high coloring-page, of flat pin-ups which are colored in with make-up, as a print. The line is executed in comfortable fabrics and flattering silhouettes which can be worn in different ways. Like always, we love the funny part of the show. In this case the video clip. Antoine is always adding something in his show, to laugh about. A theme with elephants and mosquito’s or the ‘Fat people are harder to kidnap’ collection with runway songs like ‘I like big buds and I cannot lie…’

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