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Digitalista E and fashion guru Ruud van der Peijl have something in common…

Ruud van der Peijl wearing StarStyling

Their love for German designer brand StarStyling! Remember Digi E bought a cute tee with a scissor on it at the Amsterdam flee market ? Well, it’s the same brand.

We spotted mister Ruud during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week with a Jesus lookalike cloth, weird sunglasses and Jesus Nike’s. “I really like the clothes of StarStyling, so I put this outfit on this morning,” Ruud told us. “And I’m a stylist, so I mixed it with these cute sunglasses. You like it? I do!”

Ruud is our Jesus. Look him shine!!!

We’re not really that religious, but we do believe in our fashion God Ruud. We say: hallelujah!

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