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Assisting Anna...

….after being an assistant to a Condé Nast editor? The burning question on one’s mind if you would like to pursue a career in the magic world of fashion and media. NY mag did a little research, and this is what they came up with:

(about Anna Wintour’s assistants)

Did the Weisberger experience prompt Wintour to keep her ex-assistants close? Since 2003, the scariest boss in the business has had about ten aides, and many are still on the magazine’s staff. Sylvana Soto-Ward climbed quickly and is now the director of special events, meaning she plans the mythical Met ball. After her: Lawren Howell, who’s now the West Coast fashion editor. Next: Jessica Sailer, an associate fashion editor at Vogue, and Sophie Pera, a fashion assistant. After 2008, either the aforementioned girls took all the good jobs, or Anna’s assistants went downhill quickly….

(Source: NY mag)

You can read the rest on this subject here.

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  1. RvW mei 3, 2010

    Well you have Anna Wintour. She is as cold as ice can be. But i think she is a woman with a broken heart. It can not be that one person is that cold. I remember Margareth thatcher. But even she was human in an English way of matter. So what does Anna hide and what wall did she build up?

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