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Legs of 'French Vogue' by The Sartorialist

Since we’ve spotted the legs of ‘French Vogue’ on the Sartortialist, we’ve got a teeny tiny fascination for legs. They tell so much about you. Like the legs of French Vogue for example. All tall, skinny, most covered in black and on power heels of course. We don’t see the faces of the women, but those legs communicate: Femme Fatale. Unfortunately, not every woman is blessed with some model-length and super tight legs. And what about the cellulite we have to deal with? Or the ugly, white colour after the winter? Skirts look nice, but not on milk coloured legs. In short; it’s time for  Digitalista M. to have some chitchat with legs-expert Claudia Straatmans, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan NL and partner of the Gillette Venus Most Beautiful Legs Contest. ‘Self-tan is the Touche Éclat for legs.’

What are beautiful legs for you?
It’s a mix of a couple of things. For the jury of the Most Beautiful Legs Contest, we asked different kinds of people to take a closer look at the legs of the girls. Dennis van der Geest (a famous Dutch judo champion) looked at the muscles. Do the legs look athletic? Model scout Renate Peters-Huisman looked at the structure of the legs. Long legs in a good proportion look the best, most of the time. My job was to find the most Fun, Fearless, Female legs. The DNA of Cosmopolitan. If the legs fit the charisma of the girl. Do the legs tell of story? Do they give you the guts to rule the world? For example the girl that won the competition; she is not that tall. But by showing off her legs, she compensates her length. She didn’t see her length a weakness. That, to me, is the most essential part. Believe in yourself. You don’t have to be very long, skinny or beautiful. Just shine!

What do we have to do to create the most beautiful legs?
Good muscles give your legs surplus value. Especially the calves. According to Dennis van der Geest, a girl doesn’t need skinny legs. Girls with round, full, but muscled legs look way more sexy. They underlined that they are real women who dare to show the world what they have got. So getting to the gym is a very important thing. Smooth legs without any flaws or red spots look better too. You can easily create this with a razor and a bottle of self-tan. Really, self-tan is the Touche Éclat for legs. I use it all the time. Golden Beauty from Helena Rubinstein works best for me.

Are you happy with your own legs?
I always say: with the age of 43 and a job at the office, my legs look great. Another positive part is that my legs brought me to where I am now. I run a lot. It clears your mind. Running in the park is the best meditation I could think of. Litterally with your feet down to earth. The first year as an Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan was very turbulent. A lot came to me. Running worked therapeuticly. Every time I tought I couldn’t go any further, I pushed myself to run through. After I past a certain point, I could slow down. I translated this into my work. One day I gave  a little more gas to get everything done and the next day I slow down. You’ll find out that you can do more than you think.

Why do men get turned on by some hot legs?
Long legs communicate youth. Especially when you are wearing heels, something magical happens. Heels work very well for the calves. They get a kind of drawing on them. A play of light that men find very attractive. For women, high heels, do the same. In our new issue you can read that the brainpart that’s connected with our feet, lays next to the part of the brain that is in connection with our sex life.  When I am wearing heels, I feel more self-assured. More feminine. So I wear them all the time. Okay, heels are not that healthy for your feet, but If you switch them often, It’s not a problem. When I come home, I throw them out and walk on bare feet. Well actually, before I switch my heels for some comfort, I say to my husband; take a quick look honey! Haha.

Winner of the contest Douce with Cosmo's Claudia
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