Lady Gaga's best gay-friends: Semi Precious Weapons

Meet some motherf*ckers from New York City: Semi Precious Weapons. The support act of Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour. We saw them performing live yesterday at the Gaga Concert and where a little in shock. Especially by the lead singer. Think: Perez Hilton gay but then a little bit thinner, with a cool rock voice but wearing nude tights, golden high-heels and a tong at the seem time. Gay Glam-Rock like you never seen it before…Semi Precious Weapons are a band from New York City consisting of Justin Tranter on vocals, Stevy Pyne on guitar, Cole Whittle on bass and Dan Crean on drums. Pyne replaced former guitarist, Aaron Lee Tasjan, in November 2008. The band play their own “Filthy Glamour” brand of rock music and espouse a “Dirty Showbiz” philosophy. Vogue described the band as “unashamedly crass and deliciously animated”.

And those are exactly the right words for this band. The performance of Semi Precious Weapons yesterday was a little acquired. Scratching your balls and licking some high heels is not something you can easily do with the young Gaga fans around. And the act also doesn’t work at a large footballstadium which was filled with some boring and brave people. But, if you closed your eyes thinking you where at an underground and fashionable party in a basement somewhere in New York, they sound so cool, so unique, so sexy. We say: let’s book a ticket to New York and party all night long with this cool motherf*ckers!

PS: Sorry for the word ‘motherf*ckers’. But after the lead singer yelled the word, well let’s say a hundred times, I can’t help using it.

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