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Goodie bag recession?!? Hell no!

To many goodies to handle on the bike..

We wrote about the goodie bag recession in Amsterdam a few months ago. Sorry for the people we might have ticked off by doing that. But really, the goodie bags could be better. And people listened! What did we score at the fashion press days a few weeks ago? Lots and lots of goodie bags. Yes, the goodie bag recession is over!

The result: 1 pair of Emu boots, 1 pair of Keds sneakers, 1 French Connection scarf, 1 pair of Laimböck gloves, 1 pair of French Connection gloves, a Drykorn towel, 1 Levi short, 1 Essentiel top, a big cloth from Desigual, 2 other scarves, many beauty goodies (soap, shampoo, body cream etc etc), jewelry and chocolate!!

Goodies, goodies, goodies. We love goodies!

Thanks, we are satisfied!!!


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