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Chifff: New love

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If I could turn back time, I would have stopped myself ever setting foot in that place. I would have told myself it was a bad idea to even go there. That I was looking for trouble. But unfortunately I’m not blessed with a turning back time super skill. And there’s not much I can do about it.

A few months ago, I took a sort of oath. I wouldn’t go there again. It was time to leave it behind me. I’d grown older. And wiser. I decided to let others take over, I had better things to do. Or I tried to convince myself of all the aforementioned… I coped pretty well for a while. Extremely well, if I do say so myself. Until that one Thursday night.

When I entered the room, it felt like someone was watching me. Or rather staring at me. I tried to shake this feeling off, and started wandering around to avoid returning the gaze of the one who was staring at me. I lingered around for some time and I knew right then it was probably better to get the hell out of there. But no, I just had to stay. Don’t ask me why, I’m such a silly, stupid girl sometimes…

After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to check out the one who was checking me out from the very first minute I walked in. It was impossible to leave without taking a closer look, I’m still the same crazy curious person. I took a minor detour and there we were, facing each other up close and personal. Wow, he looked mind-blowingly good! Without blinking an eye, I started to inspect him; front to back, up and down. It felt a bit awkward but he’d been staring at me and now it was my turn. I wouldn’t back down.

Was it my imagination or was he winking at me? Yep, he really was. And oh my god, what was that? Did he just pinch my bum? And did he just stroke my thigh!? Usually I like these cheeky guys but hey, we’d barely met! Not to mention the public setting… I couldn’t help blushing, I felt flattered and a bit intimidated at the same time.

My mind started spinning full force. What to do? To carry on flirting in that little corner didn’t really feel appropriate. Could I take him with me? No, that was out of the question! But, was it really? I’d been on my best behaviour for quite a while. How about a little reward to myself? I decided to act and to forget about the consequences. In a split second I told him that I was going to take him home! And so I did.

A few weeks after our little rendezvous, looking back now I have to admit: it was the best decision ever. Even Mister Chifff agrees; I never had a better fitting pair of jeans before!

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