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Sex and the City – The Cocktails

Sex and the City - The Cocktails!

The premiere of Sex and the City the movie part 2 is coming closer and closer and we can’t wait to sit down in the big red theatre seat with a bucket full of popcorn and of course a glass of fresh champagne. Because we like champagne. Now we found an amazing new sparkling cocktail concept from Moët & Chandon, inspired on the world’s four best friends: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, otherwise known as The Fashionista, The Socialite, The Player and The Bombshell.

The premiere of SATC the movie is on the 27th of May and to celebrate this glamorous movie, Moët & Chandon comes up with four unique champagne cocktails. The Fashionista tastes romantic with grenade-apple and a twist of roses. The Socialite is a classic and very elegant cocktail with elderflower and a hint of brown sugar. The Player tastes more impulsive with ginger and citrus and last but not least, Moët comes up with an explosive and edgy cocktail with bitter cherry’s and sweet mandarins called The Bombshell.

Well, Moët, well Warner Bros. Pictures, you both know how to make a woman crazy. Give her the closet of Carrie, the  love of Big and the drinks of Moët……

You can order the drinks in the most trendy bars all around the world, starting from May, like for example Harbour Club Rotterdam, Looks and Kitsch in Amsterdam and Square in The Hague.

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