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Local brands spotlight: WE conceptstore by Wonderwall

Come in, and have a peek...

A few weeks ago we went to the opening of the brand new conceptstore of Dutch fashion retailer WE in Nijmegen . They have changed their shop interiors into a new and creative experience, made possible by renowned design agency Wonderwall from Tokyo (responsible for prestigious projects like Colette in Paris, several Uniqlo stores, the Nike store in Harajuku…etc) and Dutch design and furniture studio MOOOI.

An impression

The interiorconcept is based on an imaginary couple, Chris and Lisa, and their lifestyle. When you come in, through two big heavy doors, it feels like you’re entering their appartment. When passing through this entry and coming into the store, the rest of the store is supposed to reflect their walk-in closet. The message WE wants to bring across with this concept is one of a more personal approach towards the consumer while he’s shopping. The store has to feel like a ‘third place’ where people feel as much as home as their own home or workplace.

After a copious breakfast at a long family table we took a peek in the rest of the store.

They have an interesting tool in the changing rooms: Wear and Compare, a screen with which you can photograph yourself and the outfit you’ve tried on so you can send it by Twitter or e-mail to your friends, and they can share their opinion. They might not agree with your choice of clothes, color, combination etc and with this tool they have the possibility to give you tips before you buy the garment. It’s very interactive.

Furthermore we liked the denim wall placed between two floors when you come up the big, cosy wooden stairs.

WE has planned to open quite some more stores based on this concept in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland.

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