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Digitalicious: Coca Karl

Coca Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld

Don’t know what to order during a night out? What about a real Karl Lagerfeld coke….

To really feel like a fashionista you should order the limited edition Coca Cola Light bottle, designed by uncle Karl. The new best thing is a white bottle with the silhouette of Lagerfeld on it and comes with a unique box bottle-opener discreetly hidden in a drawer (funny detail!). Price: € 60. Luckily you can also order the bottle for € 3,5o at Colette.

Coca Rocha (in black and white, with fingerless gloves) and (ofcourse) Baptiste Giacobini (digitalicious as always) shine in the new ad. That look fab!

We know what we’ll drink during our Digitalistas night out…

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