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Viva Mexicana! Mario Testino & Daria Werbowy for V magazine

Mario Testino for V magazine

Here’s something from our hero Mario Testino again! The guy is a real world traveller. From Rio for his own book to a Mexican themed editorial in V magazine, he’s up for anything.

The always perfectly tanned (how does she get that lovely caramel colour??) Daria Werbowy crawled into the skin of Mexican actress Maria Felix, also known as la Doña.

This lady eventually became a fixture in the fashion world as well as in Mexican cinema. Once dressed by designers like Christian Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, Felix also commissioned serpent and crocodile diamond necklaces from Cartier Paris—clearly an influence in V’s “Ave Maria editorial.

Mario Testino for V magazine
Mario Testino for V magazine

To see the complete editorial: the V magazine #64 Issue hits the stands today!

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