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Maand: maart 2010

The greatest blow-dryer for sexy beach curls

Sexy Beach Waves

I’ve got curls myself. Well, messy waves would be a better description. Confession: I’m always in a fight with my hair. It doesn’t work with me. Even with a diffuser my hair is not curly enough.  But now I found a amazing blow-dryer who really works ( as a beauty journalist, I know a lot of dreamy beauty claims are false, but this one isn’t) It gives you sexy summer waves in a minute!


Supporting our local brands: Aaiko

Aaiko, picture by Phillipe Vogelenzang

Another Dutch brand that deserves some attention: Aaiko was founded in 2005 by stylist Pauline Brakenhoff, It stands for feminine and refined looks with unique details, and it already has 200 selling points in the Netherlands and 180 abroad (Japan, Canada, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland)! The webshop is to be launched soon…


Meet The Suzan! A hilarious pop-rock band from Japan

Meet The Suzan

The last few months we have a ‘thing’ for slightly undiscovered bands. After Les Plastiscines ( for in case you didn’t know yet, Digitalista M. has got a huge music crush on them!) and Cha-Cha (the pretty-in-a-sweet-way- boyband from London) we now spotted a new pop-rock band from…Japan! You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, we don’t know yet what we have think of their crazy, up-tempo, hyperactive and little acquired beats, but we know for sure that they are hilarious in a positive way. Meet The Suzan!


Macaron Heaven in Paris

Pierre Herme Macarons are the best!

Without even knowing that it was National Macaron Day in France, Digitalista E. & M. and Digi Muze E. tested a lot of macarons in Paris on the 20th of March. We went from one patisserie to another and after six different stores we became a little sick. But the results are clear! The McDonalds macarons were too soft (you can’t even call them real macarons) and the ones from patisserie designer Pierre Hermé were far out the best! They even put pink pearl sparkles on it! The Digitalistas were in heaven…