Meet The Suzan! A hilarious pop-rock band from Japan

Meet The Suzan

The last few months we have a ‘thing’ for slightly undiscovered bands. After Les Plastiscines ( for in case you didn’t know yet, Digitalista M. has got a huge music crush on them!) and Cha-Cha (the pretty-in-a-sweet-way- boyband from London) we now spotted a new pop-rock band from…Japan! You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, we don’t know yet what we have think of their crazy, up-tempo, hyperactive and little acquired beats, but we know for sure that they are hilarious in a positive way. Meet The Suzan!

After listening their songs a few times, you are starting appreciating their own unique taste. And what about the way they look?! We had so much fun watching them….Yes, this is exactly what we want to hear and see from Japanese pop-rock bands. Crazy as hell, but cool at the same time! Is it because their Japanese? We don’t know, but we can’t stop laughing! Their English/Japanese accent is so funny!

 NOTE: We think Digitalista E. is a perfect fifth band member! She is Asian too and wears stripes all the time. She only doesn’t know it yet! It’s something Digitalista M. and K. just figured out.

PS. After a little ‘googling’, we found out that we’re not the only ones who appreciate them. V Magazine just covered a whole story about them!

The Suzan formed in the summer of 2003, when sisters Rie and Saori started recording tracks at home just for fun. When it became clear that the hobby was turning into a full-time pursuit (as evidenced by their getting signed to a Japanese record label), the newly dubbed Suzan invited friends Nico and Ikue to round out the lineup. Describing their own sound as “pop, wild-dance, garage rock,” it wasn’t long until the girls behind the Suzan managed to make a name for itself outside of Tokyo, eventually securing tour dates in America and Europe and releasing an EP, Suzan Kingdam, and one fuzzy pop full-length gem, Suzan Galaxy. The music itself is much more than sugary lo-fi garage rock or riot grrrl by way of Tokyo. Infused with all manner of weird sounds—from vintage organs to loopy xylophones—Suzan songs are something akin to an audio carnival ride, short three-minute invitations for pogo dancing and hip shaking.’

For more background information, you can read the article on their website.

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