Macaron Heaven in Paris

Pierre Herme Macarons are the best!

Without even knowing that it was National Macaron Day in France, Digitalista E. & M. and Digi Muze E. tested a lot of macarons in Paris on the 20th of March. We went from one patisserie to another and after six different stores we became a little sick. But the results are clear! The McDonalds macarons were too soft (you can’t even call them real macarons) and the ones from patisserie designer Pierre Hermé were far out the best! They even put pink pearl sparkles on it! The Digitalistas were in heaven…

I want them all....Can I?
Mmmm....Tasty! Muze E. and Digi E.
Just take a bite...Pistachio, cherry and vanilla!
Passionfruit and chocolate. A lovely combination, according to Digi E.
Mc Donalds Macarons; looks oké, doesn't taste like that!
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