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It's Macaron-day!

Delicious macarons for Macaron-day!

These French people are crazy…they adopted the 20th of March (today) as Macaron-day! Hahaha! Remember we said that there could be one thing that might replace our cupcake-addiction? Right, macarons. Famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé (who is famous for his macarons) took the initiative. The first day of Spring has to be celebrated, with a little help from these delicious, colourful round and crispy cakes. On this day, also several good causes can count on the support of Macaron-lovers. For more details, check here. (NOTE: the site is in French only…)

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  1. Marieke maart 21, 2010

    Digitalista. K, (the writer of this story), this is a note from Digitalista’s M and E.
    As you know, we were in Paris yesterday. And guess what we did: eating macarons all days long! We tested more than 5 bakery’s and got a little sick! Whaaahhaa. The ones of Piere Herme were the best we eated….like we bought a designer coockie. Soooo beautifull….Soooo tasty! With sparkling glitters on it…MJAM!

    Sooo funny that you noticed is wat Macaron day yesterday. We didn’t knew that, be we eat them all day long! Like you can read our minds!!!!!

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