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Digitalistic: Kitty Cooper shoes

The 'LUKE' shoe by Kitty Cooper

Thanks to our dear reader RvW, who tipped us about these lovely shoes from Kitty Cooper! Spring is in the air, and these shoes are perfect for the Spring/Summer season. But even better, Kitty’s shoes are eco-friendly. The shoes are all hand made in the UK , and all fabrics, ribbons and trims are vintage from the 1920’s to 1970’s. Talking about glamourous recycling!

Kitty Cooper has her own online boutique where you can find and order her designs. The only thing that’s not very clear when visiting the webshop is if they ship outside the UK…

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  1. RvW april 18, 2010

    They do deliver in “The Netherlands”.
    Command/Quote: Our shoes are hand made in London, especially for you, from the day you choose them. Because they are made-to-order, we need 21 days to finish and post them to you. They’re worth the wait!

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