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Chifff: Decision time

Before reading on, it’s important you’re aware of a certain flaw in my existence. I don’t know what went wrong or when it went wrong. While having my first cry on this planet at birth, bouncing around the playground during childhood or exploring my boundaries as a teenager? It doesn’t matter, at this point we can’t do anything about it. This flaw is irreparable. I’m the lousiest decision maker you’ll ever know…

Whether it comes to deciding what to cook for dinner, which outfit to pick in the morning or even which flavour I prefer for my cup of tea; when it’s decision time it’s hell on earth. For me. And for my loved ones. “Should I buy these heavenly high heels in black or blue? If you were me, would you go for the raspberry cheesecake or the raisin scone? I can’t decide on the name for my sweet little cat; do you prefer Jules, Mouse or Jojo!? Tell me, should I wear my new LBD to this party tonight, go for the bright shorts with the over-knee boots or just hop into my more casual jumpsuit?”

Starting to get the picture? Time to switch to the real deal and tell more about the tonnes of questions I’m dealing with, since the end of August…


In spring, with the risk of a typical Dutch rainy day? In summer, with the risk of a typical Dutch rainy day? In autumn, with the risk of a typical Dutch rainy day? In winter, when it’s probably really cold and slippery?


While considering the aforementioned risks, going abroad is real tempting. But which country? France, Italy, Spain or should we take it to a whole other level outside of Europe? Or is it better (i.e. wiser from a financial perspective) to stay close to home? And if so, is it preferable to go to the countryside or to stay in town?

What to wear?

That depends on the choices made in the when & where sections. Will it be steaming hot or extremely cold? Or something in between? Should I wear an outfit in my favourite colour? Do I even have a favourite colour? And, do I prefer a casual look or is over the top the way to go?


You know me, I’m a real shoe person. So, this is the million dollar question. Choose sky high and almost mythical heels? Or wear shoes less mythical but just as pretty in which you can walk the walk and talk the talk, 24/7? In which colour? Should they match the outfit? Or should I stick to my regular style, wearing shoes in a completely contrasting colour?


If you’ve read my HAIRassment blog, you will already know I’m really fickle when it comes to my hairdo. So, of course, right now I’m obviously completely clueless about what to do with my hair. Curls, braids or just plain straight? Up or down? Casual or chic? With cute accessories like bows, clips and bands or without?


For a girl who only wears a hint of make-up (never leaves her house without mascara on her lashes, and only uses some bright red lipstick on occasion) this is another tricky decision to make. Go for the usual a.k.a. casual stuff? Or visit a pro and let them help out? And of extreme importance in this matter: when is ‘over the top’ too much?

I could go on and on forever, summing up all these harsh decisions-to-make. Invites? Guests? Photos? Treats? Drinks? Dinner? Trip afterwards? Dress code? Car? Decorations? Music? Flowers? Seating arrangements? Time schedule? Hotel stay? Accessories?

At the end of the day, all these questions are of secondary importance. It all comes down to 1 answer only…

“I do!”

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