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Kate practicing on 'gracious' moves

We agree with Fashionista that the title of a short film where Kate Moss features in as a prima ballerina will hopefully not be ‘Baryshnimoss’…Most people know Kate Moss, but how many of them actually know Mikhail Baryshnikov?

Well, you might know him though. But as another character than his own. Do you remember ’the Russian’ Carrie was dating in SATC‘s  last season? That’s the guy!

So, back to the main topic, ‘BaryshniMoss’ almost sounds like a bad Bollywood movie and might not capture the purpose of this short footage: a work of art premiering for charity, and then proceeds to live on in an art gallery.

It will be directed by choreographer and filmmaker Michael Clark, and filmed in Marseille coming July. Kate is said to fly over to New York next month to start training her ballet-skills with Baryshnikov.

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