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5 things you didn’t know about Marc Jacobs

Surprise, surprise: we love Marc Jacobs! We even considered a second name for Digitalista E. namely Little Miss Jacobs. So if we read something about our gay crush, we want to post it immediately! This time we found a article about 11 things you didn’t know about Marc Jacobs on

Hereby 5 thing’s we didn’t know, yet.

1. He’s only worn jeans three times in the past two years. (Note from the digi’s: which is actually a little lie…just google Marc and you’ll see more than 3 pictures of Marc wearing jeans)

2. Speaking of pants, Marc’s famous kilt was the result of a bad mood in the office. He was feeling uninspired and told his assistant Casey to go to Barneys and buy him a pair of funny pants to cheer him up. Thus the Comme des Garçons kilt streak commenced.

3. Juergen Teller shot Marc’s very first ad, of Kim Gordon on stage in a Marc Jacobs dress styled by Venetia Scott. So not much has changed there.

4. The major difference is between MJ and LV is Marc’s personal conceptions of New York and Paris. Marc Jacobs is about New York, and Marc always needs to create a logical, credible collection for the brand. Paris, however, “is like a cartoon,” so Vuitton is always about flaunting what you have and suspending logic.

5. On the casting at his AW10 Louis Vuitton Show, Marc says it wasn’t about age, race, size, or shape. Instead Marc says, “iconic women are always Vuitton.” He worked with Katie Grand to pick out icons, and even lamented the lack of Daria and Isabeli saying, “we wanted them, but they were booked for other things.” Could you even imagine Isabeli pouring over a Vuitton corset? It’s almost too incredible.

Curious what the other things are? Watch this!

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