Prada Infusion

Prada Infusion de Tubéreuse

The packaging of Prada‘s two latest fragrances are not only named Infusion de Tubéreuse and Infusion de Vétiver, they also seemed to have ‘fused’ with items from the Resort Collections.

For women the inspiration is based on the sexual revolution in the late 60’s, translated into pink and purple flower petals and applegreen leaves.

For the men fragrance the packaging was influenced by the 60’s Peacock revolution; bright colors and distinctive patterns. The geometric shapes in mintgreen, lilac and grey refer to the collar of the Nehru coats, popular coats from that era.

Prada: Infusion de Vétiver

Prada did a nice job making the fragrances an extension of the Resort collections, and it shows Miuccia Prada likes to think through her concepts in the extend of the fragrances, which does not happen that often with other designers.

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  • Other than being a huge admirer for high fashion and its designers, I simply love it when they wrap/box their garments & beauty products in beautiful & artistic packaging!
    It makes owning a piece of their high-ticket items that much more covetable :D

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