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One more time…blogging live from the Ilja Visser show

Ilja Visser Ready to Fish: Ms Forrester

Ilja Visser is also a well established Dutch designer. Last season she presented a SMART for which she designed the in- and exterior, and tonight (right this minute) we’re at her latest show from the Ready to Fish collection.

The theme is Mrs Forrester, based on a mysterious woman who is close to nature, looking for a sprinkle of magic. Might she be a witch? That explains the high hats!

It starts with brocate fabrics, lilac silk and burgundy stockings. One of her signature pants is a sort of harempants model. Executed in silk or fine knitwear, combined with a vest or ruffled top.

Ready to Fish by Ilja Visser

We definitely like the big comfy and long scarfs from this collection. Some made of one piece, or where you can put your hands in like a scarf/glove construction, and the knitted merinowool jumpsuits.

The more dressed up items are black see-through or silver brocate pants, black jackets or a dark petrol bodycon dress.

Nice jacket and big warm scarf

To conclude: the combination of sheer fabrics and soft knits works very well. It looks ‘dressy’, but comfortable at the same time for a cold autum or winters day. Oh yes, and we loooove the clutches! Can we have one?

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  1. RvW februari 10, 2010

    I was there 2 at Cristofori…. i found that the show had 2 faces. Did i really saw new things, hmmm, yeah but no but… I do not know where or when or by whom. But i had the idea that i saw some pieces not for the very first time. I do not want to be negative but it is just in my head….. Maybe in a dream :)
    Very bautiful was a green/gold drapery dress. Very chic..

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