Love this shoot: Alexa Chung for Vogue UK

Alexa Chung for Vogue

We already wrote about Alexa Chung’s closet: the British it-girl will send a daily picture of her outfit to Vogue UK. Really nice for some daily inspiration! Chung’s also the latest covergirl of Vogue UK (really love the clogs!). Check out the interview with Alexa where she talks about her first cover shoot for the British magazine.

So digitalicious: Alexa liked the cupcake on the set the most! And we love cupcakes too. So just a note for Alexa: can we come over to London one day for a nice high tea with cupcakes?!? Just call us, you know where to find us…

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1 Comment

  • This is indeed a very good photo:
    1. her eyes, nose and mouth are perfectly placed she is just living this photo.
    2. the position of the hands and legs.
    3. the neckless, well complete outfit..brilliant
    4. just enough neck, if it was more neck the neckless would, well it would just die away :)

    Just perfect !

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