Kate and Naomi stripping it for LOVE

Kate's legs. Pics by Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott for LOVE

Both models posed nude several times before, but ooooops….they did it again for LOVE magazine. This issue involves a lot of nudity for the sake of ‘bodyconciousness’.

At least it will also serve another purpose, onwards the 14th of February, a set of limited Editions LOVE t-shirts will be available at Dover Street Market and Colette. Proceeds will go to Haiti.

Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott for LOVE
Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott for LOVE
Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott for LOVE

The pictures in the issue are clearly NSFW, we selected the most decent ones. For the rest you can check them here. And like they say at the Huffington Post: ”the brazilian bikini wax trend appears to be officially over…”

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