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The Birkin girls

Having a famous mom is one thing, but following her footsteps as a style-icon is pretty difficult. (the woman has got a damn Hermes bag on her name!) Except when you’re a daughter of Jane Birkin…Jane had three daughters with three different men, but at least two of ’em have achieved a style-icon status. She can be a proud mother!

The first one is Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane’s second daughter which she had with French singer/songwriter and poet Serge Gainsbourg (remember Je t’aime moi non plus? you can imagine when Charlotte was conceived..hum).

Except from following her dad’s musical footsteps (besides being an actress, Charlotte sings, and has several albums on her name, see the video of the song ‘Heaven can’t wait’ with Beck below), 38-year old Charlotte has been the face of several brands like Gerard Darel, and she’s now the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance.

But lil’ sis, 28-year old Lou Doillon (third daughter of Jane and French director Jacques Doillon)  is also a frequently asked ‘muse’. She did many editorials but also featured in an Eres, Givenchy, Gap and Lee Cooper campaign, and the latest project up her sleeve is Vanessa Bruno. She models in two short films from the A/W and S/S collections of the designer.

Jane and the girls didn’t get their stylishness from a stranger. Their grandma Judy Campbell was quite a hot mama in her days too, according to this quote of Lou from an interview with the Guardian:

“I have many heroes when it comes to style. I love Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim, Audrey Hepburn wearing simple leggings and ballerina flats, young Brigitte Bardot on her Vespa, Kate Moss’s iconic simplicity… Growing up, though, my hero was my grandmother. Her name was Judy Campbell. She was an actress and Noel Coward’s muse. She always had an ’emergency kit’ to hand: a handbag containing lipstick and a bottle of Chanel No 5.”

Though she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight like her two younger sisters, Jane’s eldest daughter Kate Barry (from English composer John Barry) also has a link to fashion. She became a sucessful photographer shooting campaigns for Dior parfums and Shisheido, and she even captured Jane and Lou for French mail-order company la Redoute in 2007.

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