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Hit or Miss? The comeback of the dungarees…

Dungarees at H&M

H&M has a pair of leather and flowerprint  dungarees in the Spring collection, and we sort of like them. Even if it’s not the most flattering thing to wear for a woman.

Dungarees used to be worn by feminists, and are called a ‘tuinbroek’ in Dutch (translate: garden pants). It actually says enough about its purpose, a great outfit for when you’re gardening!But the real question is…are WE going to be wearing dungarees again? It could be cute with a tanktop and high heels for a Spring day. What do you think? Hit or Miss?

Dungarees from left to right: Jean Paul Gaultier, Diesel Black Gold, Ralph Lauren, Current Elliott, Marc By Marc Jacobs


  1. RvW februari 11, 2010

    No, no, no. this is wrong. Just no… or you want 2 work in the garden.

  2. Jennifer maart 6, 2010

    Oh absolutely – NYC is rocking denim overalls. It’s a warm saturday and everybody’s wearing them in the lower east side of manhattan – both women and men. I’ve got a few pair in the closet and am wearing my dark Levis 665 from europe today – already got two compliments on the street! Girls asked me where I got them.

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