Digitalistic tunes: MILKYMEE


Sometimes I get drawn by a record just by the cover of it. That’s what happened with MILKYMEE. I saw it in the Colette online shop, and I liked the title: ‘To all ladies in this place, with style and grace.’

Then I started listening to her cover of the Elvis Presley song ‘You were always on my mind’, in a raw, semi-accoustic version, and it sounded quite nice.

I have to say I don’t like all the songs after listening to the complete album, it tends to be a bit depressing at times, but there are some hidden treasures like: In a Rented room, White wine and Sleeping Pills, No end in sight and the song mentioned above. For all the people who like alternative/accoustic guitar music.

You can watch a video of the song ‘In a Rented Room underneath:

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