Anna Wintour skips half of Milan Fashionweek…

Anna Wintour, the number one front row guest

There’s a lot to do about the schedules of the Fashionweeks this year. Because of the extension of Milan Fashionweek, Anna Wintour will only visit the Milan Fashionweek for three days, otherwise she will not be on time to attend Paris Fashion Week starting March 3rd.

It means she would miss important shows like Giorgio Armani, Prada and Fendi (the last two have been rescheduled). The president of the Italian Fashion Chamber, Mario Boselli is not so thrilled with Anna’s short stay: ”It has bad consequences for many, many people involved in the shows. She’s welcome in Milan but if she only comes for a fleeting visit, perhaps it would be better if she stayed at home.”

We understand Anna, it’s difficult to attend everything, even if you’re the most anticipated guest at every show. But we don’t mind taking your place. So let us know if we can help you out!

(via Vogue UK)

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