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An expensive kind of trashbag…

LV Raindrop besace: trash-chique

Dear Marc, sometimes you really have crazy ideas. The Louis Vuitton version of the laundry bag was a daring choice, and now this?

We know you like to make jokes, but a bag that looks like a chique trashbag and still costs $1960,-????

Yes, it’s waterproof, but so is an ordinary trashbag. Some people have to wear them to keep dry from the rain because they can’t afford a raincoat. Don’t you think designing this ‘Raindrop besace’ is a bit pushing the limits? Even if some Japanese customers will be crazy enough to buy one?

We’ll just try and make our own Digitalistas trashbag. On sale soon for €1,-!!!


  1. mikkie februari 8, 2010

    Looks nice, but the price is to high

    I think my design is mutch better :))

  2. me februari 8, 2010

    sorry but this is totally not something that matches the image of lv.
    de bag is very arty but not pretty and chic at all.
    and the price…



  3. Gokkasten februari 8, 2010

    This bag is way too expensive.. It looks nice though.

  4. Pete februari 8, 2010


    Soooo cool and every dollar worth…

    Just the best statement you can ‘wear’ these days!

  5. artimpact februari 8, 2010

    Madness, also highway robbery.

  6. Como februari 8, 2010

    I buy about 20000 garbagebags for that amount of money….with yellow print…

    • Maru februari 16, 2010

      Touche but now where are you going to get a pretty handle like that? Aaaaah~ you didn’t think of that, Marc’s so clever………………………………………

  7. Dr Bukkake februari 8, 2010

    I love trashy girls with trashy bags…

  8. Deb februari 9, 2010

    Is he serious …?
    Trying to insult us customers ?
    Or is it april 1st already…

  9. apaperdolldiary februari 9, 2010

    It looks more like a knock-off to me, I feel that LV is not living up to their names…this more like a “throwaway fashion” as well as it is over-priced.
    anyway, nice blog! keep it up! :D
    please check out my blog!

    • digitalistas februari 10, 2010

      You have a nice blog too!!! xoxo

  10. stephanie-jennifer februari 9, 2010


    i luv the bag!
    it’s great!! can’t wait for the celebs to see,with this on their shoulders!!!

    thís is fashion!

    • lis februari 11, 2010

      celebs do not pay for these bags, so for them it doesn’t matter what price. I think he has gone too far!

  11. I februari 9, 2010

    Do they sell this bag in different colors?
    Dark grey for all sort of trashes, green for vegetables waste and bleu for paper waste.

    Sorry, this design has no WOOOOW factor….
    The price have….

    • digitalistas februari 10, 2010

      Now you mention it, we should tell Marc we’re dissapointed he hasn’t thought about waste-separation while making this bag…

  12. RvW februari 9, 2010

    Sorry ladies, sorry sorry sorry but this is just wrong. Is Louis Vuitton gone mad?
    If any woman want to wear a garbage bag just by it at your local supermarket or ask some homeless people for their garbage bag and pay them 100 dollar for it. i’m sorry, i’m not buying it…..

  13. Anja februari 9, 2010

    Brilliant concept!!!
    Now I’m more convinced than ever that the products of Louis Vuitton looks like trash! But what a clever marketing strategy!

  14. Leave a Reply februari 9, 2010

    if LV makes a bag from his own toilet paper ans he has wipe his own ass whit his shit on tis wc paper, people wil bye it 1600 dollar too…really.
    and they think this is ” a trend ‘ goz LV makes it and says it.

    really this can happen, goz people idiots.

  15. this chick's got style februari 10, 2010

    Gaaf idee, maar zeker te duur! Vind het wel gaaf dat hij de grenzen durft op te zoeken…!

  16. dani februari 11, 2010

    wow very adorable bag…. :)

  17. Elize februari 12, 2010

    Ehhhh….Thank you, but no thank you.

    I can think of a whole lot of the other lovely things that I can buy for that amount of money.

    Well, now a whole lot of homeless women are also ‘trendy’ and can walk with their bags, head held high.
    “Go for it girls!! Show it to Louis!”


    ps.. Sure that there was no typo? Shouldn’t it be $1.96?

  18. The cool Guy februari 12, 2010

    I love the design, and LV is one of my favorite Bag-makers. The price is what you could expect from LV. However, personally I would send my girlfriend back to the store if she ever came home with this, simply because the product is not wotrh it’s price.
    If the handle would be 24K Gold, my opinion might change…

  19. dense februari 12, 2010

    Very funny!
    Don’t understand the fuzz about this though.
    Lots of his designs look a little strange to me.
    But as long as you can’t recognize where the inspiration comes from, it seems to be worth something. The angry reviews say more about the customer than Louis.


  20. Maru februari 16, 2010

    Dont leave your bag unattented, might end up losing it… cleaning ladies see everything… And if you do, sepperate the content!

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