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What about the new Lindsay Lohan clothing line?!

Sketches by Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan…when she was a cute  little redhead in the movie The Parent Trap I loved her. Nowadays I feel sorry for her. An example: her sad preformace during the Rodarte SS10 show. The short baby-doll dresses were a little to much Linsday and less high-fashion. After getting a lot of critic, she tries it again! With her former legging line 6126. The line, according to WWD, will consist of 100 pieces. The average prices will be between $100 and $150, but go so high as $600 for a leather jacket, and will retail at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

The line, as you can see from the lovely sketches, is a mix of separates, bustiers, vests, and short, tight dresses. Very Lohan, but not groundbreaking at all! Unless you dream of a career as popstar, it’s not a look we advise you.

And if you think she won’t actually be designing, let’s set the record straight: “She’s intimately  involved (interesting choice of words…) from Day One,” Kristi Kaylor, principal in 6126 LLC, said. “She picks fabrics. She looks at trims. She picks buttons. She doesn’t let anything go into production without trying it on.” The line is also looking to expand more with cosmetics, handbags, shoes, and jewellery, coming in 2011. Busy girl…we wonder if she’s got time left in 2010 for shopping, clubbing, threesomes and being drunk or stoned! Maybe 2010 is the year of a clean and serious Lindsay?!

Source: WWD

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