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Trend: From Bunny-ears to Minnie Mouse?

From the models to the bride: Minnie Mouse @ Chanel Haute Couture

Bugs Bunny move over! Here’s Minnie Mouse! So make sure to put the right ‘ears’ on your head this year. Karl Lagerfeld has made the final statement with the Chanel Couture show: the models wore their hair like Minnie Mouse ears, with a big bow on it.

Preceding this hairstyle, a lot of Minnie ears were spotted already. Not only on heads, but also on clothes. You can’t step in a high street store right now, without bumping into t-shirts and sweaters with Miss Minnie’s cheerful face on it.

Isabeli Fontana, Sacha Blue, Karen Elson and Chanel Iman honored Minnie’s characteristic in several editorials:

Models go Minnie Mouse

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