The Lady Dior 'Rouge' song by Marion Cotillard & Franz Ferdinand

It’s obvious that actress Marion Cotillard is able to sing a nice tune. As we told before, part of the Lady Dior Rouge introduction would be Marion singing a song written and produced by Franz Ferdinand. And here it is: ‘The eyes of Mars.’

We still haven’t seen David Lynch‘s Lady Rouge masterpiece yet, but the Guardian UK reveals some of what we may expect…

Picture the scene: A woman sits in a darkened room, her pale face illuminated by the light of a streetlamp shining through the slats of a venetian blind. She is strikingly beautiful. She is crying, but she’s still beautiful – not red-faced and swollen-eyed like normal people. This is because she is LADY DIOR.

LADY DIOR has a small blue Perspex box in front of her. She reaches out her slender and well-manicured fingers to touch the box. KAZZZAM!!!

LADY DIOR awakes on a beach in Miami. The camera pans out, accompanied only by the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. We see in the distance that LADY DIOR is close to a group of bronzed and bikini-clad women and bursting-at-the-seams men pumping iron. LADY DIOR’s delicate ivory skin and Parisian couture dress seem rather out of place. But who cares – she’s LADY DIOR!……

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