The Digitalistas were at the ELLE Style Awards

A creation from the winning stylist: Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

The Dutch ELLE Style Awards were held last night and the big question of the week was: what to wear?!? The dress code was a tough one: folklore! Who made that up?

The Digitalistas go folklore

Well, it was a week full of finding the perfect outfit, because the Dutch ELLE was not only awarding stylists and designers. No, also the guests. The best dressed girl of the evening received an award too. The winner was model and muse of Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, Sylvia van de Klooster.

She was wearing a dress from Fong Leng, who used to be a popular designer in the 70’s/80’s.

Photo courtesy of Tess van Daelen,

Stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand won the Elle Stylist Award. She was everyone’s favorite with her interpretation of Folklore that translated in ‘old Dutch folklore combined with the carnival in Rio’. The result was very up to date with the trends for the coming season: short knickers and volume on top.

Some more from the winner Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

And here you can take a look at the show finale:

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